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Be Wary, Metro Line New Delhi

posted Feb 11, 2012, 3:11 AM by Vikas Hazrati
(Contributed by Shekhar Bhasin, New Delhi)

It was a peculiar day when I boarded the at the metro station in Patel Nagar at around 8:45 AM in the morning. Just before boarding I was sending a message to my colleague that I might be delayed by 10-15 minutes for our meeting. Little did i know that someone had seen me texting on my iPhone 3GS.

As soon as I boarded the train, which was full at peak time, i heard people chatting behind me that if someone gets pick pocketed in the train at this time, there is little that he can do. I did not even give it a thought that something like this could happen to me. Within 2 minutes of this conversation, the next station approached and a flood of people got out of the train and so did my cell from my pocket.

As soon as i realized that something was missing, it was too late already. My pretty cell phone with all the personal stuff, bank accounts etc was gone. I tried to hunt through the crowd if i could look for a suspicious looking person, but it was like finding a needle in the haystack.

It took me some time to get to terms with the fact that my cell was actually gone. In the next few days I hunted the internet for something somewhere which could get my cell phone back and was heavily disappointed till i found (MCWS) I promptly registered my stolen cell and as per the report that I got today, it seems that my stolen cell is being sold but thanks to MCWS there are no buyers. I am waiting for someone to buy it and then as soon as they register it on MCWS, I would get an alert which would show where my cell is. Once I have that I would make sure that my cell is back.