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How Can I Trace My Stolen Cell Phone?

posted Feb 23, 2012, 2:05 AM by Unknown user

A sad and growing refrain is “How can I trace my stolen cell phone?” Cell phone theft is high on the list of most cash hungry thieves since it is an easy item to conceal and there are usually ready buyers of stolen cell phones.

Here are 8 different tips that you can use if your cell phone is stolen. Some are common sense tips and others are roundabout ways that you can trace a stolen cell phone by using some of the very same precautions that private investigators along with regular cell phone users take advantage of.

1. Report the cell phone Stolen.

Cell phone companies will respond much better knowing a police report has been filed on the stolen cell phone. They may require a copy of the report before any attempt to trace the stolen phone. The police report will need to include identification numbers for the cell phone and the SIM.

Record cell phone ID and SIM numbers in a safe place so they are available should this situation arise. Provided there is an active account for the phone, the cell phone company may be able to narrow the search to the cell tower where the last call was made.

2. check for new Accounts

Provide the cell phone company with the cell phone’s ID and/or SIM number to see if a new account has been set up for that phone. They will also put the phone on the ‘blacklist’ once it is reported stolen in case someone tries to activate it at a later date.

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