Don't lose heart ...

We have been there as well

Chances are that you are visiting this page, because, you or someone close to you, has lost his/her cell phone. The feeling of losing a cell phone is analogous to losing a part of your life. We have been in the same situation. This site with its database of over 50,000 (and growing) lost / stolen cell phones, is an attempt to break the cycle of cell phone thefts. Let us see how the stolen cell phone process works.

How does MCWS attempt to stop this?

Of course, with your help ...

Check out the diagram below. As soon as you register your cell with MCWS, there are multiple things which happen.

Once, the stolen cell information report is verified by MCWS, an entry for the stolen cell IMEI is made in the MCWS database. Any new buyer can immediately check the IMEI of the cell phone that he is buying by checking the stolen registry database. This is not all, see why registering with MCWS is a good idea.

Why registering with MCWS is a good idea?

This is an important question and we are glad if you thought about it. The key answer is that this data is shared.

 1.  Since we share this with all the phone buyers, including you and me, any new buyer would be able to punch 
      in the MEIR number and check from the MCWS database whether, the cell is stolen or clean.

 2.  Since we share this data with all the carriers, across multiple countries, they have ammunition to block the 
      calls originating from these cells.  

 3.  Since we share this data with the local crime authorities, they can quickly raid a second hand shop to see if 

      they carry stolen phones.

 4.  Since the stolen cell phone data is present over the internet,  your stolen phone is practically unusable across 

      the world.  Last but not the least, you get an immense peace of mind because no one would be able to use your

      stolen cell. With your support the cell phone stealing would come down immensely.


Over 700,000 mobile phones are stolen every year


Helpless Governments across the world are helpless to combat this menace without social help

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